Innocence in Wilderness

One last time before I close my eyes forever, once again wanted to fly higher than eagle but people said I couldn't because I was human. My grandfather flew high, when everyone kept crying at his death bed, couldn't see my mom weep much. She didn't weep this much when she was playing around with Shridhar Uncle the other day in his backyard. Cherries outside Shridhar Uncle's backyard were very desirous, my grandfather saw Shridhar Uncle and my mom playing together. Having my grandfather around, I ran away, he was a temperamental. When I came to Dison house to run along the road, saw lot of people gather around my house and my mother told me my grandfather flew away. So, my father came after 3 years of his stay in faraway gulf, my aunt's used to taunt my mom very often that he was locked up in prison for murder, I guessed weapon would have been belt. Sridhar Uncle no more used to give chocolates to me. When my father came at my grandfather's funeral…

FAN boy

“Then it struck to me, if I can mug up the courage and go up to him and tell how much I adore him” thought Suryanathan
“He is the reason I chose Physics for my major. From Newton to Einstein, everything known to me he is the reason. I can see a woman sitting next to him, way younger than him, perhaps his daughter’s age if only had he married. How would I know who is she and why do I care even, he is not a social person? My friends always told me only bad things about him, though I never listened to them. There were rumors in local newspaper that he, was after a woman half his age. A man of his stature and such deeds, world judged him yet to me he was, he was my hero, a person whom I look up to for inspiration and motivation. When I was in school Daniel Sir was a local icon, in my small town everyone calls him junior scientist. One day when I was playing with my local gang, his small wheel invention which he called “steamer” rolled past us, it generated heat while cycling and this inv…

Meher is Future ready with Bose [ Promotional Feature ]

#Futurereadywithbose #BoseQC35 #Promotion

"Sivam! Are you there?" Asked Meher

A loud sound in the background was heard. Shivam is standing alone near demo area about to take his next drink

"Sivam! don't tell me you went to party again with your group of friends. Speak up" Meher started getting impatient

"Meher! I am at work, these are my clients at the wedding, they gave me a new project. I am not partying" replied Sivam

"I am kind of busy, I will call you back" Sivam responded

"Your voice is drizzly, I smell lie and who plays Linking park songs at the wedding. Don't you dare keep the phone down" Meher responds

Sivam looks around, he see #BoseQC35 kept at the demo counter. He picks it up, he is looking at the packaging and connects to the phone.

He reads "Acoustic Noise Cancellation" and smile radiates from his face

A moment of silence clouds. He is watching a performer mimic Linking park songs, he cannot stand still …


“What are you looking for!” asked Columbus sales person from departmental store
“I am looking for tuna and a smile” pointing towards him, I said replying at his rude question
“We do not sell tuna and smile’s section is over there” pointing me towards sexual wellness section I walked away from departmental store
“When I reached home, I saw two cars parked back to back in front of my gate I started to look around but found no one to move those cars. I stood there waiting to scream at owners.
A car was passing by and stopped, rolled down the window, looked at me “Nice car! How much you charge these days for doing night jobs”
My anger no new boundaries afterwards I yelled at him “Get the fuck out of here”
While rolling back mirror upside, he looked at me and said “Right now! You do not seem to me in the right mood. Call me! This is my number” handing me over his card speeding away in next second
I could not react. In anger, turned around and started banging car bezel
A man who was two r…


“In a faraway land lived one king, everyone were happy in his kingdom.  Crime was zero, and everyone in his kingdom were rich and there were no health issues.  It was then when sun used to orbit around Earth.  All kingdoms of United Countries used to beg for survival.  Yes! We, who belonged to that kingdom, were superior of all human beings.  We also travelled to different galaxies back then. All theories ever existed on this earth had been construed out of our own theories.  Cow had been our mother and we literally share genes with her. We had a system where everything worked.  We had segregated people on the basis of their birth, color, place, devotion, smile, cry, anger, jeans, top, skirt etc, we were so good at it that even people whom once we ruled like United Kingdom appreciated our system.  People who were born in our kingdom had destinies pre-defined which came along with their names, surnames, sun, light, air etc. unlike our western counterparts, who had tough time defining …

And Eventually. It happened

“To my readers, I am keeping advertisements at bay managing distraction free reading experience This story written in new narration technique, hope you would like my work.” -Vinu An upcoming Writer
“And Eventually. It happened”

A small lane wide enough to accommodate a motor driven cycle. A pale peach colored salwar fragrance takes Ibrahim off his ground. He is amused by aroma and aroused by peach color. Everything in his life at this point becomes slow; Shivani after all is walking swaying her waist through the lanes.Ibrahim though thoughtful, yet another boy with lots of testosterone kicking in without having enough courage to attract Shivani to his nectar by simply asking her out,. He does not know his nectar although is invisible to her.
While walking down Shivani witness jeans and pounds of clean meat built up at various places and a face, which reminds one of, why butter looks so smooth. She feels irresistible to him, her action of approaching him would deprive her of being pampered in…

Drug Lazynosense

Once upon a time when laziness & absence of common sense embarked their journey through apps, watsapp and crap

Somewhere in city, 

Ganeshan is a person, he sleep, shop, drink, eat and sleep again before heading to work
Ganeshan(to himself) “And…I have to cook(looking at clothes)…sleep….(on bed) will head to work in 5 more minutes” Sharda rings Ganeshan’s house door bell
Sharda “Would you be available today evening! We have thrown a house warming party. We are your new neighbors (pauses..)  Hello! I am Sharda”
Ganeshan “Hey! I am staying here on rent and in 2 months leaving this place too” Sharda “oh!” (thinks for a while) “Alright! No problem if you wish you can still come in the evening to our house”
Ganeshan “Sure! Appreciate your invitation Sharda. By the way I am Ganeshan” Sharda “ok then!”
Sharda leaves while Ganesan is looking at her
Evening Time Sharda’s flat After a while knock on the door,
Sharda opens the door “Ganeshan! Hi ! welcome. Come in” Ganeshan enters Sharda looks…

Paint White

Surya walking down the lane enters into ‘Maple’ house
Surya rings bell
Kriti opens the door and goes back in Surya looks around to be attended
Kriti come back “Oh! I am sorry, forgot to ask. Why are you here?”
Surya “Your dad! Isn’t your dad here. I have a message for him”?
Kriti thinks for a while and then says “Well he is not here. But I would like to invite you in, come in”
Surya having heard of recent Punjabi rap songs rolls over his collar, thinking he is about to get lucky and enters into the house
Kriti “Alright! Stand over here”(point towards a pillar” (light perfectly jams in)
Surya( in his heart) “I am sure it’s going to be fun”
Kriti goes into another room  and comes back with drawing board and canvas
Surya is shattered in dreams, still contemplating of being lucky to be laid
Kriti “Surya! You have to take off your shirt”
Surya(in his heart) “Now! This is it, she is all over me” (he takes off his shirt quickly)
Kriti uses further brush strokes to include Surya in the pict…

69 services

*spoilers = desi battering in writing & little tangy

Based on a real incident
Somewhere in Mumbai(Goregaon)
Dholu looks at 69 service "ahaan! 6 to 9 services, yes this is the place"

A few minutes later,

“so all you have to do is go to this place and do as being told, ok. You can earn good” Konakia tells Dholu

Dholu “Sir! I do not know much”
Konakia looking at Dholu’s athletic build reaffirmed “Do not worry! Even I didn’t know how to make money, now I am making(looking at his charcoal smashed fading board.
Konakia Shop(All kinds of works)

Dholu “Sir! I want to be a big man like a big man very big sir. I came to mumbai to become a very big man and then go home to my village”
Konakia “I am here no! Everything will be alright just reach here at this address on time today” (and hands over a small torn piece of newspaper with an address and a mobile number)
Konakia “Give a missed call on this number in the evening at 7 pm and also wear something good these people are particul…